Cork Trees Story

These fascinating trees have been harvested for over 300 years.

The evergreen cork oak has the official name of Quercus Suber.

Cork Oak trees are native to southwest Europe and northwest Africa. 28% of the forests in Portugal compromise of cork, which is 8% of the area of the country. Cork Oaks can support diverse ecosystems which is the reason they are protected species, with their harvesting process being strictly legislated and regulated in Portugal.

Harvest is happening from mid-May to mid-August. Tree can be harvested for the first time when it reaches 25 years and then the process can be repeated every 9 years. Quercus Suber lives for about 150-200 years on average.

The oldest and largest cork oak in the world is in Portugal in the region of Alentejo. It was planted in 1783 and is called The Whistler Tree. The name comes from the many songbirds that live in its enormous canopy. The tree now stands more than 14 meters (45 feet) tall, and the diameter of its trunk is over 4 meters (13 feet) and it has been harvested more than twenty times in its lifetime.

So Why Cork?

Simply it has an amazing natural property and there is no harm to the trees during harvest. You can feel 100% in connection with nature while using your mat. With cork on top and natural rubber for extra support your yoga session is on the new level 😊

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