MyogaMat Set

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MyogaMat Set is a great star up for your journey with yoga or a great idea for a gift.

Set includes:

  • Cork Yoga Mat 4mm
  • One Cork Yoga Block
  • Carry Strap
  • Canvas Cotton Carry Bag
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In the MyogaMat Set:

Cork Yoga Mat

Sustainable, Eco-friendly Cork Yoga Mat. Made of natural cork and natural tree rubber. 100% biodegradable and recyclable.  Anti-slip with natural antibacterial properties. The cork is from regeneration oak tree bark from Portugal.

  • 4mm of natural rubber with a  layer  of natural cork on top
  • 183 cm/ 61cm

Cork Yoga Block

Cork yoga blocks are made from sustainable Portuguese cork. They are strong and able to support body weight so you can enjoy with confidence yoga poses.

  • Made 100% from Cork
  • With Antibacterial, anti-fungal and non-allergenic properties
  • Rounded Edges for Ease Grip and Comfort and to protect the block from chipping
  • Size: 23cm/12cm/7.5cm

1 review for MyogaMat Set

  1. Eve

    I have recently received my new cork yoga mat with blocks, strap and cotton bag from What a fantastic yoga set! The mat itself is long. This makes all the difference when you are tall yourself. The texture of the mat is silky smooth and both cool to the touch and gently warm when you are sitting on it. The smooth texture of the surface doesn’t stop the mat from being completely non-slip. Poses such as the warrior or downward facing dog are a real trial if you can’t get stable foot placement. The cork mat with its rubberised underneath is completely secure. The set comes with a strap made of cotton which can be looped around the mat when it is rolled up so it goes neatly into its cotton bag. The strap is strong, flexible and soft on the hands and limbs when it is needed for those difficult yoga positions. Finally, the yoga blocks. There are two and they are smooth and comfortable to the touch with a reassuring weight to them which means they feel secure when you are putting your weight on them. I am not the most bendy person. I have been doing yoga since I was 13 and although you might think at 52 I would be more flexible after those years of practice, age does catch up to us all, even dedicated yogis! With limited mobility and strength I find I am more reliant on a secure yoga mat that gives stability, robust blocks and comfortable straps. Yoga is healthy, relaxing and should be enjoyable. After all my years of practice these cork mats and associated kit are the cream of the mat world. This set has enhanced my practice and the sheer beauty of the design, production and finish has brought renewed joy and well being to my daily practice. Give your mind and body the gift of this excellent set of yoga equipment for all your practice. Namaste.

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